"images from the sky"

Aerial Imaging... Providing Commercial Operation in Specialist Areas:

We are now utilising our camera flying expertise to offer commercial operation covering a wide sphere of operating areas.

Camera flying with various 'still' and 'video' imaging equipment allows capture of a wide range of image types for commercial photography and film work. Work is mainly carried out using our rotary wing airframe systems that have been developed for specialist areas of operation.

We can also offer specialist imagery using our military specification Thermal Imaging camera systems, ideal for specialist search and in-depth imaging, allowing visualisation of situations and problems not identified with normal EO imaging systems

GALLERY [menu link] of sample images.

COSTS are competitive, and based on specialist expertise and image requirement.

ENQUIRIES on imaging requirements via email or telephone. Discuss and evaluate requirements.

Commercial Operation:

HISTORIC - Building maintenance surveys... eliminate initial requirement for expensive scaffolding, etc

SPORT - Imaging for TV and Promotion... distant and difficult access areas

PROMOTION - Video and Still imaging of special events and product launch

PRIVATE PROPERTY - Images of buildings, property, and land

SECURITY - Observation of private areas and large estates, etc

RESCUE ASSIST - Search & Rescue, Observation, Management Support

HORTICULTURE and AGRICULTURE... growth and crop surveys

THERMOGRAPHY and 3D Imagery... for Land and Building Survey

OTHER - Wide Ranging options, for areas where low risk aerial cover or observation is preferable

Information - email: flights@rpasaerialimaging.uk